Dentistry Topics for Beginners: Chewing Gum

Posted Dec 11 2017

If you wish to keep your smile safe this holiday season, it is important to always take the time to ensure your smile is free of any harmful acids or debris that can lead to enamel erosion or numerous other oral health ailments. One helpful tool that can keep your smile safe is sugarless gum. By chewing sugarless gum, you can help remove and prevent cavities and neutralize acids in your mouth. Listed below are a few of the benefits:

– Several studies indicate that chewing sugarless gum after meals for a period of 20 minutes or longer has been shown to help prevent cavities.

– Usually, it is unsafe to brush your teeth after eating due to the prevalence of tooth sensitivity and the probable abrasiveness from your toothpaste. Instead, try chewing sugarless gum.

– Sugarless gum does not itself help encourage cavity prevention, but rather the act of chewing the gum, as it can heavily influence the production of saliva.

– Sugarless chewing gum is a better option than regular gum because traditional chewing gum contains sugars which, due to the presence of sugar, can nullify and diminish any benefits that can be had.

– Sugarless chewing gum has demonstrated an ability to help promote saliva flow, which can help neutralize and wash away any harmful food debris or acids and provide disease-fighting substances to your mouth.

– Chewing gum should be used as a supplement to your oral health care, not as a substitute.

– Chewing gum will not be abrasive to your teeth as other cleaning products can hypothetically be.

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