Get Screened for Oral Cancer During Your Dental Checkups

Posted Jun 14 2017

Did you know that each checkup at Michele S Tratos‘ clinic contains a screening for oral cancer? Because the spread of oral cancer decreases the likelihood of successful recovery, we screen out oral cancer for each patient who visits our office.

The most obvious signs of oral cancer are visual. These symptoms include strange markings on your head, face, mouth, or neck. These markings can be bumps, lumps, erosions, and discolored or splotchy patches of skin. You should also look out for recurrent, bleeding sores that don’t heal in two weeks or less.

A non-visual sign of oral cancer is pain or discomfort, particularly: earaches or ear pain; pain speaking, eating, or chewing; or numbness of your face. If you have experienced any of these signs of oral cancer, please schedule an appointment with our office so that we can screen you as soon as possible.

If you need an oral cancer screening in Las Vegas. Nevada. our team at Michele S Tratos‘ clinic is ready to help you. Please contact us at 702-369-8730 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Michele S Tratos. The path to a healthier smile starts now!