Oral Health Treatments: Tooth Hazard Prevention

Posted Sep 30 2017

Effective oral health care includes protecting your mouth against damages that can arise from outside sources. Everything from the activities you participate in and the lifestyle choices you made could affect the state of your teeth and gums. To protect your smile, always practice effective tooth hazard prevention plans.

Stay away from substances that can damage your smile simply by chewing on them. This includes non-edible products such as pen caps and your fingernails. Other unhealthy habits that can influence your oral health include using drugs, or smoking and chewing tobacco. With effective tooth hazard prevention plans, not only will your smile have a chance to improve, so will your life.

Exercise caution with the foods you consume. A wide assortment of products can easily damage your teeth if you are not safe. This includes biting into substances such as hard candy, corn on the cob, apples, and ice.

Avoid the use of mouth jewelry such as lip and tongue rings. Not only can they increase your risk for dangerous infections such as hepatitis, but they can also chip your teeth. In addition, they even end up being choking hazards if they break off.

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