Oral Health Viewpoint: Mouthwash

To help with your oral health care, it is important to always use highly effective tools to clean all areas of your teeth and gums and clean between teeth. However, brushing and flossing may not always be ideal. In situations where you have just finished eating, your teeth will need... Read more »

How Can I Keep My Smile in Tip-Top Shape During Baseball Season?

If you’re interested in having a strong and healthy smile this baseball season, then our dentist, Dr. Michele S Tratos, is more than happy to help you. There are things you can do to care for and protect your teeth and gums while you swing the bat, catch the ball... Read more »

Improve the Care of Your Smile with Dental Erosion Prevention

Is your smile susceptible to dental erosion? If you continually put your smile at risk for dental erosion, horrible acids will begin to slowly wear away your tooth enamel until the point your teeth are vulnerable to infection and potential tooth loss. To help protect against dental erosion, it is... Read more »

Enjoy the New Year with Your New Smile Thanks to Composite Dental Fillings

When teeth are damaged due to dental erosion, harmful acids can chew away at a tooth until a hole forms in the tooth enamel. At this point, a cavity will be present. In order to eradicate cavities, a visit to your dentist will be needed for a dental filling. One... Read more »

Including a Fluoride Treatment in Your Dental Checkup Helps Your Teeth Resist Future Cavities

Your regularly scheduled dental checkups play an important role in helping to preserve good oral health and remove bacterial deposits. This includes a thorough dental cleaning as well as a comprehensive dental exam to catch any developing signs of tooth decay, periodontal disease, and oral cancer. If your checkup at... Read more »

Dentistry Topics for Beginners: Chewing Gum

If you wish to keep your smile safe this holiday season, it is important to always take the time to ensure your smile is free of any harmful acids or debris that can lead to enamel erosion or numerous other oral health ailments. One helpful tool that can keep your... Read more »

Tip-Notch Smile Advice for Families

There are many reasons why you might want your family members to have top-notch smiles. One reason might be so they can have a sparkling smile. One reason might be so they can chew and talk normally. Another reason might be so they can avoid toothaches and dental discomfort. No... Read more »

A Porcelain Dental Crown Might Be Fused to a Metal Core

The teeth in the front of your mouth are typically smaller and have less total tooth enamel than the molars and premolars in the back of your mouth. When a large cavity or significant dental fracture affects one of these teeth, there might not be enough healthy tooth enamel remaining... Read more »

A Dental Crown Restoration Might Be Needed to Treat a Fractured Tooth

When a tooth is fractured, the damage to the tooth enamel can vary in depth and severity. Even if you don’t feel immediate pain and discomfort in the tooth, you should still have it examined and treated by an experienced dentist like Dr. Michele S Tratos. As time goes on... Read more »

Toothbrushes 101

Having any toothbrushing habit is almost always a very good thing. However, we sometimes need to brush up on our brushing techniques to make sure our brushing is as effective as possible. Brushing your teeth is such a frequent need that the habit can become mindless. Prevent that from happening... Read more »