Superior Oral Health: Tooth Hazard Detection

Posted May 22 2018

Are you aware of common to hazards in your life that could be putting your smile on an increased risk of dental damage? Did you know that activities in your day-to-day lifestyle or products that you use or consume can be slowly wearing down your tooth enamel or potentially leaving you susceptible to injuries? Be aware of what you can do to protect your teeth and gums. Common risks are as follows:

– Ice: Ice can increase your risk of oral accidents and injuries due to the fact that biting into them can cause microscopic fractures or even chip and crack teeth.

– Lack of Mouth Guards: Mouth guards are necessary to lower the risks of oral accidents and injuries during sports.

– Bedtime Bottles: By leaving a bottle in a baby’s crib, you can leave them susceptible to additional decay through baby bottle tooth decay.

– Cough Drops: Cough drops can lead to oral accidents and injuries in the form of dental damage.

– Bruxism: Bruxism, which refers to grinding your teeth unconsciously, can cause several health risks.

– Mouth Jewelry: Through the use of mouth jewelry such as lip and tongue rings, you leave yourself vulnerable to several oral health hazards.

– Sugars and Starches: Products that are high in sugars and starches can increase your risk for several forms of dental damage.

Have you begun to notice tooth hazard risks in your life? If you are concerned about future oral health risks or need treatments for damage that has occurred, visit our office. If you suffer from a tooth hazard risk, speak with Michele S Tratos at 702-369-8730 to see which treatment is right for you. If you are in need of a dentist in Las Vegas, Nevada, you can schedule an oral examination with Dr. Michele S Tratos and our team at our dental office.