Tooth Facts

Posted Mar 28 2018

Your teeth are strong, reliable bones in the mouth that are very important for your oral health and smile. They can help you do many things each day, especially eat, talk and smile. To help you know all about teeth so you can keep them in tip-top shape, our dentist, Dr. Michele S Tratos, is happy to share some tooth facts. Those facts are:

-Teeth consist of a variety of different things, like the crown, enamel, dentin, pulp and tooth root. They are considered the strongest bones in the body.

-You have many different types of teeth, like the incisors (the sharp front teeth that cut your food), canines (the pointed teeth that tear the food), premolars (the teeth with pointed cusps that crush and tear food), and the molars (the strong back teeth that grind and chew food).

-There are many things that can harm your teeth, like plaque, unnatural pressure, acid and bacteria. If you’re not careful, your teeth can suffer from cavities, enamel erosion, tooth fractures and more.

-It’s best to keep your teeth clean and healthy by brushing them twice a day, flossing them once a day and rinsing them daily. It’s also very important to attend your dental checkups every six months.

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